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Showing my favourite grunge summer outfits for 2019!

It is finally here; the season of tepid beer (not in the way the Brits drink it – what is up with that anyways??), seriously overpriced drinks that contains nowhere near the amount of alcohol to even get my littlefinger drunk and fake tan made primarily out of dirt and stuff we don’t talk about..

Yup that’s right – the festival season is here!

And no I’m not talking about Coachella – I’m talking about the real festivals where you sleep under a pile of canned food and don’t shower for a week.

But as amazing as it sounds to go from a 7,5 (that’s if I really make an effort guys….) to about a -2000 within a week, I thought I’d create a very real and wearable festival lookbook, so that you can at least look a bit more stylish and feel like a spicy piece of trash while experiencing this mayor glow down.

Ofc we ALL know I won’t be wearing this many outfits (I’m fully aware there’s only 4..) bc I’ll be too drunk occupied interacting with other people to change and I’ll probably just end up living in 2 different ones for the whole week – but I thought I’d give you some examples of what I would wear if I actually were a decent human being and not a spicy piece of trash..

I hope you enjoy the video – I spend a lot of time editing the it and it turned out better than I could ever imagine!