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The game is about an octopus named Ubbe who wants to save the world’s oceans. To do so he has to go through different levels in the game where he’s asked to do different assignments, like collecting garbage or planting new plants.


Watch the walk-through video of the game:

Click here to try the game (works best on a 13″ screen) >>

Game graphics

For the game, I created some different graphics, like the main character Ubbe, the background for the different levels and the garbage Ubbe has to collect.


Underneath you can see some of the game graphics:

The main character Ubbe:

The garbage:

The seeds:


In order to develop my game, I started by creating a moodboard to help me figure out how I wanted my design to look.

I choose to use very bright colours for the design as I wanted to create a very playful and fun environment for the children in the game. I also wanted to make sure, that the colours were already some you could find naturally in the ocean.



In the very early stages of developing the game, I created a storyboard to visualise my ideas and get an overview of the different levels and challenges that I wanted my character to go through.



I also created a flowchart over the different levels in the game to get a clear overview of where I wanted the player to start, in what direction I wanted them to go and where I wanted them to end.